11 is a gateway or a portal.


Eleven does not break down to 2 as typical numerology because the number is a power number. One of the strongest numbers possible. The gateway is to not be compressed further due to its symbology.

I keep seeing 10:10 (just now actually!!), which breaks into 11. So at that moment, I focus my thoughts on my goals and dreams for this moment. I focus on my Healing Cave & Food Forests. I focus on that for a moment with intent to find or recieve a property on which to begin my hermitage. 

11 as a power number may well be the formula for seeing 11:11.


22 is the # of the Master Builder.

My Birthday is 12.22.1978, I am a master builder. I was born on the Cusp of Capricorn & Sagittarius, which creates a master builder if s/he decides to continue the path. The path has called my name for years, but only within the last few months have I come to grasp the entirety of this label.

Take use of the portal of 11, to signify a portal to allow changes to occur within your life. with 11:11 as perhaps the strongest time to make your “commandment” — not a wish.

wish (definition): feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen.

Do not wish… know that it is possible to happen.

Much more to be added to 11, though I want to break from this. By the time this information is presented properly, I will add to full pages on the website… not random blog post style!

10:33 am @ 12.11.2018


*Today is an 11, with only 11 days till my birthday! Gotta dream big today.

**Plus, 2018 is an 11. 2+1+8=11












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