ShamanicHealingSav began by the name of Achieve Inner Air and was a place to write a short book. I wrote sixty pages over 3 days time to spread my message & clear my mind.

Moving onward to building a lawncare business, my connection to spirit began to slip. Soon, I found my way back on the path of Shamanism.

I have devoted my life to service. Devotion to the craft. Ultimately learning that I am here to heal myself.

I have since become a Reiki Master. I use Shamanic Cleansing, Crystals, NLP, REM, & have found myself leading others through Past Life Regression.

Please checkout my work on my Facebook Page:

Shamanic Healing Savannah

You may contact me there or by calling or texting 912.481.7665.

I am here to share my gifts & provide insight.

Thank you.

Russell Parker