Who Am I?

I have been using the term Shamanic Healing for quite a while now. However, I often wonder what to call myself besides a Reiki Master. It seems a bit outrageous to say that I deserve that title even. Beyond the fact that I have received the requirement of three attunements, I rarely use the symbols that are associated with the practice. I have used them more through the usage of the REM technique than with the hands-on functionality of pure Reiki.

From before the time of beginning Reiki, I began to call upon Rafael, the archangel of healing. I was drawn to him and began asking for his guidance and gifts. I created my own sigil in devotion to him and begun to use this as my primary symbol while using the REM tool. I call upon him during most of my healing sessions, but know that calling upon him is not even required anymore.

I was led to Reiki after using REM perhaps seventy times. I had already been using simple spellcraft through the use of Sigils with a system that I designed myself. I had studied the basics of language and numbers, bringing deep meaning to each of the symbols. Combined with more understanding of color, which led to Color Theory and insight grew (and still grows) with each healing session.  Using the power of focused prayer, intention, and the Sigils, I saw miracles occur.

Reiki came along a full year after tapping into the energy grid that flows within and around each of our bodies. Then, as I began the attunement process, I still did not know what to do with the energy that I could feel.

Along the way, I learned more from my stay in Fort Lauderdale and finally learned how to use my hands to “manipulate” these energy fields. After several months of this practice, which I began to call Shamanic Cleansing, I finally became a Reiki Master with the third attunement.

Throughout this long stretch of devotion to the practice, I have learned an extreme amount of knowledge surrounding these hidden ideas. I have found myself having psychic ability within these sessions which guides my movements, questions, and solutions to solve the riddles of physical and spiritual pains.

Using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), I have begun to guide people through “lucid dreams” while they remain awake and aware. This practice has been very successful and has rewarded me with ability to become aware within my own dreams.

Now, my dreams have become so vivid that I sometimes am unsure if I was sleeping until I look around and see that I am laying in my bed. Longstanding nightmares have finally become obsolete and while some are still frightening, I have begun to solve these riddles and realize their meanings.

Today, I touched a tree. I heard its voice. I felt its emotion. It was lonely. It lives in a park and watches everyone walk by, but nobody gives it attention.

I have tapped in to the energy of trees a few times prior, but only to have them give me energy. On one occasion, my head felt like it was about to explode from the surge of energy that it provided.

At times, animals come to me and lay beside me. I pet them and they roll their bodies to position my hand where they have pain. So I treat them.

I have had a few insects do the same. A lizard once (I got him on video).

All the while I wonder, “who am I?”.

I asked spirit today, “when can I call myself a shaman?”.

A voice said “now”.

I am honored. I always wonder what is next. I have no clue. I still have my own problems of life, and continue to look for solutions. I treasure these gifts more than anything. I aim to serve. I am always looking for the next step and find difficulty to secure myself with this ambition and devotion.

I follow signs with every waking moment. I am thankful that my essentials have been met. I am thankful for the guidance and continue to strive for more insight. I am learning to detach from the outcome. I have big plans and dreams.

I am confident in my ability, yet have been humbled recently by meeting others with extraordinary and wonderful gifts. I no longer say I am the best.

This journey continues and I look forward to the next step. It has been the most intense, wonderful, painful, and joyous 27 months of my life.

I am grateful for that message today. While fearing the next step of this journey. Yet I will continue with confidence. Spirit guides and I will follow. Thankful always.