Achieve Inner Air Is Taking Root!

This year has been amazing! Much has changed within my perspective. Within just the last few weeks, I have begun an actual mission. This mission is to promote a better method of breathing. The method is simple–almost too simple to imagine creating a lifestyle from, yet I have no worry in going forward. I expect this mission to be extremely interesting. So far, I have not been disappointed.

Just today, I have met a traveler from afar. Met him in the park where I was hanging upside down on the monkey bars. His child wanted to try what I was doing. So I spoke and eventually taught him the method and he became immediately intrigued. We exchanged contact information and I aim to send him details of my work–hoping that he will want further training. While remaining in town, perhaps I can show him a few tricks to enhance his focus. Maybe even to discuss business, as he was also an entrepreneur.

The future is wide. The mission is set. I have dedicated myself to the cause and aim to spread the information as much as I possibly am able. We shall see how this all plays out. I aim to build a curriculum and likely publish my book to this site–I’ve sixty pages thus far.

A logo has been produced as a rough draft. Awaiting a friend to digitize the image and then begin producing flyers. Much is to be arranged, but a start has been made. With this website and an office, I have a start for a fresh business card to go along with the theme. However, the best evidence for a need to begin is due to the many people that I have met throughout this year that have inspired me through their own obvious signs of interest of the subject matter. That and because of the total unawareness of such a life-changing technique that is simple to learn and easy to perform.

Rolling up on 11:11, and I will finish my post by saying that I aim to continue on with this project while also pursuing the other many projects that my heart seems attached. Working with my new friends and assisting with their amazing projects. I love being on this side of the wall; the work is so much more fun when the challenge is such an unsurmountable, insanely difficult, world-changing, perspective shifting dynamic that seems to be impossible. Yet here I sit and expect to see it happen.








1 thought on “Achieve Inner Air Is Taking Root!”

  1. Congratulations on your endeavors and blessings on such a positive vision to move forward! Good luck, Russell!


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