BreaKing Free / Alchemic Healer Techniques

**This is 10 pages (3500 words) as a start to a manual/book. I have not touched it in around a month. I plan to get back to this shortly. Today is 6.4.2018.**


I wanted to start a new beginning. One to bring a quick point. Create a manual that would cost at a premium. Information to break through to the other side. Information that only one who wants to do these things will want to know. But the techniques that I wish to express are not for the weak. They are not for a weak-minded person. The techniques can be used at any level. By any degree of measure, but at the higher intensities you see the best results. You find wonderful results that may break you through the veil that you so deeply want to penetrate. This can all be done through what may be known as the front door: without the use of outside stimulation, even without the use of drugs. This is all done from within. This is all done with no additional forces, outside of your own body.

Tools are used in this process. Yet the tools that you use are the most basic or elementary tools that you would never have imagined were the tools that give rise to your enlightenment. For me, these techniques have increased the abundance within my life. By far, I have made tremendous strides in well-being in just a few short months while using these practices. The physical wellness is just a side effect of the success that I had aimed for. As I had been experimenting with diet and lifestyle for years in my past, and have learned many ways to lose weight. However, until I learned several of these techniques, the trick was in maintaining. I had never aimed for changing my lifestyle to increase my spiritual progression until September of 2018.

At this point, I can look back and tell of how that I have used practices and learned of many things. How I have harnessed the new energy and used it in real practice. I can tell the secrets as to how you increase your chi, qi, energy, or whatever you would like to call it. Raise your kundalini. Use the holy spirit if you must. It is all the same in essence. It is purely in what fashion you would like to call it. Who do you want your teacher to be, does it matter what it is called?

I would assume call it the Christos.


There are many teachers this day and age if you know where to look. They are found by the dozens on YouTube, as you may find Alchemic Healer. I am certain if you go to India, they are plentiful as well. They are all around the globe, but until now, they were all secluded and hidden outside from the main television outreach. These things were hidden. But now, once again — the ideas are surfacing.

I am here, as one to express some of the ideas to the greater populace as I may be able to assist in healing this fucked up world. I aim to bring some wellness to folks’ lives. The techniques that I teach are not all to be used purely on yourself, but a few may be administered to others. I will offer a few examples of things to investigate. But mostly, I aim to express the techniques that I have experienced with much delight. The majority of which are difficult at first, but soon become tolerable experiences, and finally morph into surprisingly pleasurable experiences. The ride will inform you of the reality that you live within and that reality of your body’s supreme ability and the resistance that it can overcome with growing intensity.

Are You Ready For This?

That is the best question to begin. If you have this in your hand, then you are too late to stop, but if I were there and wondered, I would not even have to ask. Typically, a person is not ready for all of this . . . it is a bit much if you survive until the end of the lessons as I place them. The last one is a doozy. But each one has a precedence as the list is shown. I would aim to go full-in and do them all, if you are to reach the place where the magic happens. But for most of you, who may have stumbled upon a crazy text as this and wonder what kind of nonsense that you are walking into… just try the breathing exercise — it works wonders!

Water is All

We have all heard that the Earth consists of seventy percent water. And then think about how your body also has that high level of water. Reports are finding that a higher level of water is actually abundant, with a quick google search showing 80% in infants, but lowering towards adulthood. I honestly try to stay away from “facts” as these and the facts do not support the spiritual mindsets that we are aiming for in this text anyhow. Yet it all overlaps in the end and that is a whole different subject. The fact of the matter here is to express how that your body really needs a bunch of water to function properly.

There is much rhetoric that could surround the matter in regards to quantity, quality, and etc. Yet the fact is that once you begin using a great water source, staying away from city (tap) water, and start flushing out your kidneys — your well-being will immediately increase.

The idea that I would push would be to drink one gallon at minimum per day. You always must investigate water intoxication, because that is a serious issue to watch for. For myself at nearly 200 pounds, it would take over two and a half gallons in sixteen hours before I would begin to worry about excessive water intake — that is a bunch of water.

The water flushes your kidneys and begins to assist with your bowel movement. However, the next step of this process will be to work towards cleaning your bowels with food, juice, and then lack of food.

Cleansing Your Innards

This title may sound better than the standard Bowel Cleanse. That is what is intended. Most people will cringe at any sound of the word bowel. As if it requires a disorder. I laugh at this reaction, because it is such an interesting topic to me. As I have had much relief arise through the action of cleansing my bowels. I have gone through the early challenges of not knowing what to do. Of learning the poor techniques, learning the great traditional techniques, and ultimately the techniques that work the best. With this and most things in life, you may easily apply the engineering concept KISS.


Keep It Simple Stupid.

This is easier said than done with all the commercials and warnings and false advertisements. It is difficult to know who to trust. Then, there is safety to worry over. Yet, when all is needed is really just very simple tasks. Complete the tasks with close observation and watch for any problems. Learn to work through the problems, as typically they are just warnings that arise that address other areas that need addressing.

Oftentimes, as is noted by experienced counselors, the problems that you face may actually be caused by the techniques that you employ. Because there are the toxins flowing out of your body throughout the cleansing process. I do not need to go deeply into this. This is all common knowledge from google. Just look-up “toxins release from cleanse”. I am not here to explain trivial knowledge.

The cleanse is looked at like it has to be tough. Like it is an obstacle to face. I have always used it as a tool — had fun with the process. I even used it for joking/fun at work in my past, when I had used Colon Cleanse bran products. These products do work great, but are not necessary. The best option is always to use fresh food. Vegetables or fruit. Organic, of course if you can afford it.

But I still say that once you have finally finished the cleansing process, that the toxins that you gain from the non-organic foods are not nearly as dangerous as the toxins that remain in your body if you never complete the cleanse.

Clean as a Whistle

Assuming you have already been drinking plenty water for over a week, feel free to begin this process. Ridding the body of the contents of your bowels for an extended period is the ultimate goal. But for now, let us imagine and think of how the bowel may work and compare that to the “normal” American (you or your friend).

Your friend’s diet is poor. But even when he thinks he is doing wonderful, he is really doing disservice to his digestion because he does not know the rules of the stomach and how it processes food in categories. As in when you eat a hamburger, you ingest bread/meat/cheese/tomato/pickle/sauces. That could easily breakdown into some protein, some carbs, some fat.

In your stomach, the acid will pick one of two things to consume: protein or carbohydrate. The fat slides on to its normal location as the protein and carbs are sorted out through the other processes. If the carbs are used during the acid treatment, then the protein is passed on to the exit. Or the opposite could happen, but I believe the example I used is the more likely scenario. The body tends to use sugar at preference and that hamburger bun, sauce, tomato, and pickle has that quality. Whereas the fairly complex to breakdown protein is easily passed on to be used as waste.

Things to note going forward. You will note that in going forward, I will barely mention calories. I will NEVER mention protein unless it is to poke fun at the idea that it is required in such huge quantities as professed by the fitness industry. If anything, the substance is used sparsely in proper diet . . . I will never use the term diet in the typical sense. Diet is used as a term of how one happens to eat. I have learned the majority of the learned knowledge of that nutritionists speak of, but have moved far beyond out of the land of un-knowledge as they barely have a clue what a vitamin even is. But I have also grown to the point of not caring what a vitamin is, nor to care in what way that a vitamin may help me. We all know that if you eat plenty vegetables, some fruits, less meat, and more fat (well, you may not know the fat part!!), then you will remain healthful — there is no need to expound on this any further.

As stated, “the next step of this process will be to work towards cleaning your bowels with food, juice, and then lack of food.”

You can skip all the products that are geared towards cleansing, but I would highly suggest drinking an abundance of herbal teas. There are many varieties, with many associated benefits. You could easily find assistance from a local shop. At times, I was drinking twenty different teas, rotated throughout my days. But as of now, it has been months and I’ve only drank one cup of tea.

I will also go ahead and introduce the idea of Epsom Salts. I used epsom salt soaks on a daily basis and on some days — multiple soaks. This will tighten your skin as you lose weight/size, decrease muscle soreness, and the high level of magnesium will do many great things for your muscles and blood.

The next recommendation will stem from what the whole point of the process is . . . to assist with your spiritual development. And yet is still a concept difficult to surpass for many folks — you really need to stop eating meat. For a bit. Just to see that it can be done. To see how the meat affects your entire personality, physiology, and finally on the spiritual level. I stopped just before Thanksgiving, last year, and it was difficult watching others eat choice cuts of meat. Yet, I was able to see the ease in which I finally achieved in doing my own thing. The spell that meat has over you needs to be broken and this will also allow you to speed your cleanse along with much haste.

I may as well go ahead and add my disclaimer: That I have never and will never be associated with any medical facility that works by the standards that our nonsensical system currently exists. I have no medical license, I have no authority to deal with medicinal treatment, nor do I wish to have that permission. I attempt to stay far away from doctors offices.

Consult your doctor first, as always. The doctor would likely dissuade you from pursuing anything as rash as fasting. They really don’t tend to know how to actually heal people.

Beat the Beef

While writing the text, I focus my attention towards two groups of people:

  • those who want to harness their energy
  • those who want to heal themselves

The first category could be subdivided into many groups. As I wish to not list them all. The second category is also easy to subdivide, yet the common thread with them is that they want to become healthful. To become healthful, you must be willing to do the most difficult processes. You must be willing to break common tradition and follow the old ways. You must be willing to allow positive changes to enter your life.

The first change is to stop eating meat. If you actually want to feel your energy flow or if you want to heal from your illness, then you must first learn to live without the craving for meat. You do not have to give it up forever, but I would suggest that you give it up until after you receive the results that you desire.

It would become a long and prolonged statement to explain the reasons in and around the theories regarding the advertisement of high protein intake. In likeness to that of the fat-free fads that wrecked many people’s diets. These theories have been touted for decades and always to the detriment of our society. There is no need to explain all this in this very spot, perhaps I will toss a chapter in, later to discuss some of these topics.

Vegan Up

The next step is to go full vegan — and stop eating foods with sugar added.

You may eat whatever you like, assuming that is wasn’t created by using animal products. I would allow eggs & butter, for the introduction phase. Skip cheese, ditch milk and trade your butter for olive oil. Drop all associations to eating animals that you are able. Become strictly aware of what enters your mouth. But while doing so, be sure to eat as much food as you can. Eat everything in sight that you can afford to stuff down your esophagus, as long as you don’t eat anything from an animal. Do not worry if it is high in fat, carbs, or protein — this really won’t matter.

Introduce the Juice

Feast — not fast.

Add in juice to your vegan diet. Add in as much as you are able, but mind yourself that when you drink juice, you must be aware that the juice should be swished in the mouth before swallowing. Swish the juice ten, twenty, or thirty times, just the same as you would while chewing your food. The enzymes in your saliva will breakdown the juice in preparation for your stomach. The swishing will allow your body to better assimilate the nutrients. This is a step that most people miss and those people miss on the integral aspect of enzymes in the food “destruction” process.

Feast — not fast. This example is to swap your normal caloric intake to that equal to juice. As you have been eating a high amount of vegetables on a daily basis for at least a couple of weeks, your requirements of food have changed. Begin to transition to a largely juice-based eating style. Slowly transitioning to 100% juice. By the time you reach this point, you may be ready to attempt a water fast.

Fasting Fun

The fun in fasting is the attitude that you can show to those around you. Show them how that you are not just surviving, but thriving with no food. Perhaps that is just my own personality, but it is fun to let your friends in on the joke. Typically, they will not understand.

Fasting is an experience that you may learn much from. By the time you reach this point, you will have already built the hardiness to continue. You will have fought the battles of habit and embraced the change. You have probably even faced ravenous hunger throughout the experience, but if you haven’t you are soon to find out. The first two days is brutal if you have no idea what to expect. With this bit of guide, you will have much more than I ever had in my beginning. I found much to learn from, but having had pulled from countless searches along the way, with little real information or insight given. Everyone seems to leave out key details and I am certain that you will likely still remain a question.

In the days leading up to the fast, through the transition of “normal” food to healthful food to vegan food to juice, there will be many times when your hunger doesn’t seem to subside and there is a very easy trick to persist through and determine when you actually need to eat. It goes like this:

Your stomach growls. Go drink 1 glass of water. Wait until your stomach growls again. Now when your stomach growls again, go drink 1 glass of water. Wait until your stomach growls a third time, go drink 1 glass of water. Wait until your stomach growls again. Go eat.

Oftentimes, the feeling of hunger is actually thirst. It takes much practice to be able to distinguish the differences between the two. Yet, if the thirst was the problem, then the solution will fix itself with this process.

This simple process will assist you in several criteria:

  • The water subsides the stomach by adding fluid which needs processing.
  • Your body is cleansed more thoroughly.
  • Your ability to resist temptation increases with each glass of water.
  • The time between feeding is lengthened, thereby increasing your time of fasting.

Other factors could be added, I am certain. This list is not exhaustive, especially considering the benefits that drinking more water always will add. With this advice, I will always suggest that herbal teas could be replaced for this function. And to note that cool water tends to affect the subsiding more than luke warm or hot water.

The term “fasting” is used broadly by many. In this text, I refer to fasting as water fasting unless otherwise noted. With saying “water”, that could be any liquid of water base such as tea or coffee. Obviously, one should be wary of the toxicity of any drink — so don’t drink nothing but coffee and investigate the herbs that you consume. Find a local herb shop or look online. There is much information out there for individual products. You will be fine using the basics such as ginseng, turmeric, mint, oregano, ginger, or any of the typical herbs that you know. They each have specific usage that should be investigated. It is even advisable to drink broth during any times of weakness. Avoid the broth if you are attempting a pure water fast — and avoid meat flavored broth, because you will likely crave something afterwards.

The first day of the fast is the worst — or it would seem. When you get to the second day, you likely will realize that day one wasn’t that bad. But then when you reach day three, you will be surprised by your sudden vigor.

This is the way in which the process tends to run its path. Then by the time you reach the third day, you have a fear that “something bad will happen”. You might stop and eat and then wonder how long you could have lasted. Many will stop due to peer pressure. Many others will stop because they fear the problems that their peers tell them are actually true. Others will stop because they couldn’t handle the pressure. There are all sorts of reasons to stop, but the reasons to stay will hopefully out-pressure you towards reaching your fasting goals.

The reason to fast does vary from any one person to another. If the fasting is aimed towards vanity, then it will work well. If towards flexibility, strength, endurance, stoic mindset, meditation, spiritual path advancement, energy abundance, or just plainly to heal your body, then you may reach those goals through the practice of fasting.

In my practice, I have found the use of fasting to be the most efficient form of weight-loss. I have also found it to be the best weapon towards healing. I have also found it to be a fantastic channel to increase your “spiritual” energy.

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