**These 2000 words were written around a month ago. The text is unfinished, but I plan to get back to it soon. Today is 6.4.2018.**Also, this section was removed from the other larger text due to the shock value. I would assume break the health aspects from this aspect, but I know they will merge anyhow. The structure of a book–that is to be determined, but for now, this is separate.**

Continued Search for Truth

This title is the one that could have continued to wait until the final page. The quest for truth will remain until I leave this plane, I am quite certain. But for now, as the story holds in the current time line of my personal story, the continued search for truth had brought me down a path to discover mysteries that will likely never truly make sense.

I want to express these things, or to express them in ways that I feel comfortable. It actually could be dangerous to unleash these ideas into the hands of the wrong persons, yet who am I to attempt to continue to hide these truths that seem so relevant and useful. In effect, it would be disarming the major whole of peaceful people, while continuing to fear those that want to harm.

Not to say that the things I speak of are for “arming” a populace. At best, these topics will aim to heal your whole life. At worst, the intentions could be placed with poor direction and ill-will. I will aim for best intentions and know that anyone who searches to find the dark will always find the dark. Just as I found the darkness while I searched for it. Just as now I am coming out from a dark place and finding my own path; having used this knowledge to release my problems from my own being. I am free of fear at this time. These techniques and ideas have helped greatly to bring that fear to its own demise.

The Rabbit Hole

Once you take a nibble off of the red pill, there is no returning.

Here is your opportunity to step away and go back to your life of misery.

Otherwise, take the plunge and give me a shout when you find your purpose!

Caverns within the Hole

Along the path you will stumble and come across many avenues with which to surrender. You may remain lost in each tunnel. Within the abyss that may lie within any category that you want to pick. But if you stick with it, eventually, with luck and persistence and the will of your god or your own pure intention to find, you may wind up finding your way out of one of these caverns to reach the hole of the rabbit once again.

With the laser focus with which I have been honing for years on end, I persisted. I forced my way down the rabbit hole, bouncing from cavern to cavern. With each maze that I swam through, I emerged with insights that connected to other caverns. There were links between each one, but only if you really used every bit of possibility to align the events, happenings, beliefs.

The metaphor of how there is interconnection between most things is impossible to fully express. There is far too much connection with the things I see that I could not have the time to stop and think. Could see oneself sitting at a window and a laptop for years, only to never express all the connections that have become apparent and with each conversation, the connections only grow. Well, looking at the last statement–without the conversation and only the window, would the year fill with typing from connections? But enough would be to type about now, if only of stories from the past or of the new connections even, I would have to remain seated for days. Only these last few hours, have I been able to recount a couple months’ time with barely a real personal example to explain the process.

This process as found out by anyone who attempts it with sincerity will come to find themselves cleansed by the buckets of tears that fall throughout the process. To find that center peace that exists beyond the crazy mess that you are used to, in this society that breaks you down into a molded creature to only realize one aspect of your many many possibilities of reality.

I would recommend the process to anyone interested. But if you are interested, you must have had hit the BOTTOM. Just as I had done. If you continue to want to find the proper cavern to look through and to discover a process that will “break you through to the other side”, then continue on and I will help you get there.

I will aim to continue on in the order of which I surfaced this knowledge. I have skipped all the bull-sense that means little to the order of things and cut to the techniques and/or meanings that create purpose with the methods that I currently employ. I will discuss, next, the ideas that will break your view of religion. As I will go ahead and say, “I am not religious”. Not in the least bit. But I will use the Bible as proof. As proof to anyone who holds the bible highly, as I actually do hold the Bible in a place that it deserves. But I will explain that place as I continue on.

I actually feel that I could wrap up this text in fairly quick manner, versus the drawn-out table of contents that I had created. Yet we shall see how it goes. I will be using a few selected websites as reference and then a version of The Holy Bible (New International Version). Here is the book in reference, for anyone interested:

The Holy Bible, New International Version

Copyright 1978 by New York International Bible Society

Published by The Zondervan Corporation

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506, U.S.A.

Apparently, there are several copyrights concerning:

The Book of John 1970

The Book of Isaiah 1975

The Book of Daniel 1976

Proverbs and Ecclesiastes 1977

I think it is interesting that there are those copyrighted specific books. I wonder why?

Esoteric Knowledge

Check my references at this point for a website. I list it as [1] at

This is a great location to find much of the esoteric meaning within the Bible. However, I have yet to go throughout the whole list. At a certain point, there is much repetition among the stories. Many are exactly the same. Thus, I do not even have cause to go through the entire list and that is why I wish to present the reference as well. I also do not wish to plagiarize their descriptions, but to embellish on the ideas that I present and which will interconnect with these deep double-sided biblical meanings and the other things that I will attempt to speak about.

I have actually gotten to the first point at where I need to sit and ponder a direction to take. It is almost as if the information is sensitive to intake. That you actually probably should take this all in, in a slower format and that I am breaking rules by allowing all of it out on the table right now, and that in itself is refreshing. Yet I also know that there is no easy place to begin. Any point at which I start will sound totally insane. Once I begin explaining the mind-spirit-body connection, there is no way to determine if you follow what I am saying. So in saying that: if you are already not on a path, in search of these things, then nothing will grab hold of your psyche and you will believe nothing. So, you may ultimately need to skip around and find a place to get your own insight. Everyone is not ready for these things. I know that. I know also that many people will refuse to believe most of these things. That is beyond my control and I really have no aim to push this on you anyhow. So, let me begin by hastily saying, “The Bible is probably, purely a metaphor.”


As the theme for yesterday’s church service is traditionally known to be preached of the Gospel of Thomas. Or to that effect. Of how Thomas doubted that Jesus had been crucified and then resurrected. I honestly may or may not go and research this topic. The idea of Doubting Thomas has actually been on my mind for a few weeks, and likely is purely connected to my thoughts on this year’s Easter day. Being April Fool’s Day was ironic. Ironic in that this is the first year that I believe that that statement is backwards. As such, I jokingly kept saying, “Happy April Fool’s Day”, as my bold anti-religious statement of the week.

This week follows up the week after Easter, as I stated. I attended two services on Easter, this year. For “shits and giggles”. At the late service, I managed to use my favorite rapid-eye treatment on a new friend. It worked, successfully as always. The trick is amazing. Miraculous if I may be so bold as to say. I worked that small miracle on Easter of this year after a church service. But as bold as it is to say that a miracle had occurred, I also have witnesses this time (for once (well a few times now)). I hold no power of my own, but owe to the tool and to the power inherit in everything around us. Not of my own will. If anything, I owe it to the one who allowed me to influence their life. They accepted the tool to be worked with them.

Let Us Begin

I should begin from a scientific standpoint. To point out the areas of the brain. Show the cross-section of the brain and how it resembles very nearly The Eye of Horus or the Eye of Ra. Or that isn’t scientific is it? That is purely visual.

Depending whom I am speaking, I would come from another side. I had gone to some random church at some point during the last few months. While the minister was preaching, he read a verse in this wording:

He said, “Throw your net on the OTHER side on the boat and you will find some” When they did, they were unable to haul the net in because of the large number of fish.

John 21:6

But I was deep into research at the time. He misreported the scripture. I am certain that he did not notice. Yet, I wanted to jump up and kick over the bench and tell everyone–honestly. But then, these things are too much to handle for many people. The wording was wrong by that one keyword. The word he should have said is right (side of the boat). This is where the explanation would need to begin. Or we could skip topic and try another quick avenue. A tangent. A new connection to open your eyes to, before you get stuck in that one idea.

I am tempted to flip to a page and discuss. One page out of the bible, but each time that I do this, I wind up reading for three hours. I wind up reading three chapters before and three chapters after. Or investigating a connecting story that helps to make sense of one subsection. Or to investigate something such as…. oooo Hell. Let us talk about Hell. That is a fun one.

Do You Believe in Hell?

Each time that I begin to write on such subjects. As in on my original blog, I always have a little worry that I will prove myself wrong and reveal a deep meaning that was missed in between the searches for the other dark meaning and that maybe I could reveal and prove my Truth to be false, but each time I do. The worry is real, but longing in the same way that the longing for Truth ever is. But never do I disprove myself of my realizations and with that I will research once again to find the scriptures that I aim to explain and use as reference for explanation.

I will be glad to say if I could prove a Hell to exist, or even to supposedly seem to exist with any certain sort of probability beyond a figment of someone’s crude imagination, then I would be ecstatic and turn my way. But let’s be real again. Get back into the mood of finding an answer and show a scripture about Hell.

Let’s go ahead and speak on Revelation, to begin. Because this is the ultimate book if this religion is about Jesus and his truth.

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