Book of Sigils

**This book is far from finished (2000 words), yet I never posted this or the other texts on my previous blog. I plan to create full texts of all these things, but as for now, the blog should suffice–especially considering its unfinished state. I wrote this at the same time as the other texts, over the course of one week. This was about a month ago. Today is 6.4.2018.**


Since the beginning of my trip into the world of magic, I have been following numbers. The numbers originally called to me through the clock. Sightings of 11:11 on a nightly basis that led to 1:11, 2:22, 3:33, 4:44, 5:55, 10:22 pm, and then other variables that seem to contain their own meanings have finally led me to the current understandings of these different combinations. This has accumulated from countless sources. I may cite a few sources, but otherwise, much connection between the different opinions has been made and it is difficult to cite a single source to detail the reasons behind certain “theories” regarding these ideas.

Much of my study of the individual numbers has been completed in a very short window of time. I devoted myself to the obsession to understand what I needed to know and with that, the information began to quickly come my way and with it, I have gathered plenty insight to delve into the practice of creating sigils. There really isn’t much that is needed in order to use the tool, but you must have your mind in a proper place to achieve success. The purpose of this text is to open your eyes to what your single eye already sees. To connect that bridge, so that you can begin to see the symbology that is present in society all around you. Finally, so that you may use this symbology for yourself and to influence yourself and others with the embedded intentions.

It would be best to mention the connection between the numbers that you know and the alphabets that I would like to familiarize you with. I use three basic symbols with my work, so far. I have used Santos Bonacci and his Futhark theories as a basis for this connection. However, I will not go into the same depth of what he speaks of. I will not copy his information. I just use the same overlap of letters, runes, and numbers. His theory seems to work well with my thought process, the overlap or “syncretism” is very appealing and has produced great results within my own webbed view of the world around me. (Please investigate Santos Bonacci’s work on YouTube and his personal website. He has much information that is all very intriguing).

Should I start with number 1 or a story to explain what brought me to this point? Should I start with 13 and its significance of society and how it has been branded as evil, while it remains as the glue of esoteric wisdom? Or should I begin with the number that I followed the most? May end up listing 1 through 26 in relation to each number and discuss each symbol along the way, dividing by chapter. But then that would leave-out the number 33 and other masonic numerics. I plan that this will be a fairly small text, but the descriptions could very well turn into lengthy descriptions, full of rhetoric or stories. Hopefully, you will gather a bit of insight into the overlap of these powerful structures and that you will be able to use this insight to bring great change in your life!

Level Zero

Zero = 1 = A = Anzus.

By “now” there will be a picture added that describes the relation between the letters and numbers, but for now, the 1 equals the letter A. While I have just written this, I realize that I am unaware of the significance of lowercase letters as all of my usage uses the uppercase version of each letter. Ideas like this creep into the mind while you begin your search for answers. These ideas are the ones that will lead you to finding the answer that you desire. Perhaps I will discover some insight from looking at the connections of the lowercase letter to that of the uppercase one, but as for now, I do not care to use my time in the fashion of that discovery. Once you gain the tool or rather, once you gain the “use” of that tool, then you may decide that you want to double-down and learn even more and become an expert or that you have received enough amateur training to fulfill enough tasks to move on. I have done more of the latter. I have gathered enough use from the ideas and have decided to move on with this same knowledge. If or when I decide to go back and answer the other questions that still plague my thoughts, I will pickup and delve deeper, but for now, I can do plenty and have become aware of plenty overlap that I can just use these bits to develop my next goals.

The number one is a confusing number. The number One doesn’t make sense all by itself. It doesn’t make sense as the first number, as a solo number. If there was a single number, all alone, then you would expect the number Zero. But then the chicken and the egg would be the infinite problem and that is the problem with understanding the idea of God. How could a god exist before nothing and then how could nothing exist before a god?


The picture should assist in the message. You can see my ideas drawn by pen. These ideas are visual representation of the ideas that help some of us understand the theory of numbers. I have a view of the concept of the beginning of time or our existence that is based from this conceptual view of the number Zero.

I do not believe that the number Zero truly exists. The thought that persists while I ponder this idea is that the infinitely small degree of the curve of the one which creates the zero could be the same number. The zero seems to be the only truly irrational number in my opinion. It seems impossible to explain in effort that each number comes from the start of a previous foundation. What foundation could zero have, but then what foundation would One have if there were no initial point of start? As the one is an extrusion of a dot in this example. Yet, in this line of thought, the one becomes two by breaking or splitting and then the three from adding back to the one. And with this continual change, you may gain any number. But with the explanation of this text, it is not required to go much beyond the simple structure of twenty-six symbols.

Going forward, numbers may be viewed as such:



10 = (1+0) = 1

11 = (1+1) = 2

12 = (1+2) = 3

As such:


There are obvious patterns and perhaps less obvious ones that I will discuss in theory of the ideas in going forward and there will be much to simplify by showing my drawings. As for now, all that was to be noted is how the alphabet is ascribed a number and these rotate from 1 to 9. You may note that the 8 and 9 columns are boxed off to note the specialness of these designations later on. These are transitional and aid to describe the function of each number. The D,M,V is more aligned to the center in this scenario, where 1 through 7 are the real numbers to concern with. This description above seems to convey the idea of a torus — this is another of those inspirations that comes from nowhere. The idea of this as a toroidal description has just come (and then I dreamed of it all night long), but seems to hold resemblance and I will have to try to explain this idea to find-out if it does ring true.

Yet, I believe this subsection is to discuss the One or the Zero. To describe one thing, you must fully describe another, so that there is a base to rest from and from there to place as a foundation. With these things, it is difficult to explain the horse, before the cart, but to see the point of the cart, the idea of the horse is needed, or elsewise: where would the generation of power to use with the cart be possible? The endless chicken and egg cycle of recognition. Hopefully, you can gather the insight from this and hopefully I can present the ideas in reasonable fashion to understand.

I will assume in all of this that the reader will attempt to fill-in any gaps that I leave remaining as they desire. This list will not be fully complete and I will show that on the first number or letter or symbolic designation. For the A to equal 1 and those to equal Ansuz, then that would mean that their meanings would be all the same, but instead I have found it very difficult to ascribe a single meaning to a single symbol. In a way that the essence of a letter is to be described instead of a meaning.

The idea of this stems from the view of how data is structured for computing. In coding, the initial bits of data were all combined from various combinations of on & off. [Copied from (REF 1), I will show the first few numbers of binary without explanation of the math]:

Here are the numbers from 0 to 15, in binary:

0000 = 0
0001 = 1
0010 = 2
0011 = 3
0100 = 4
0101 = 5
0110 = 6
0111 = 7
1000 = 8
1001 = 9
1010 = 10
1011 = 11
1100 = 12
1101 = 13
1110 = 14
1111 = 15

The essence of each number is decided through math, but in the same type of thinking that shows how a number is more than just a description of an amount. Because the number is equal to the letter and to that of the symbol of which contains essence of character, the individual bits of data that decide the composition of the number or letter or symbol is the image that you want to portray within your visual stories (Sigils).

Looking at the set of binary codes for the alphabet, the series is a coded set of 8 digits. All being either the designation of ON or OFF. These complex codes do not do much for the esoteric explanation of numbers, except to show how complex an idea that surrounds a single digit could serve as a basis for the symbol.

Welcome and Warning!

Welcome to the world of magic! Before you begin, you need to realize a few factors that will determine your personal success and for the success of your magical feats. Realization of the “All” is required to fully contemplate the effects that your spell will manifest. The fact that you are the same as your brother, sister, mother, best friend, enemy, and most distant friend needs to be fully realized. Your race does not matter, nor does your ethnicity in any other manner. The fact that you live in a certain part of the world, in comparison to another, is no matter. The blackest man in Africa has the same inner voice as the whitest man in Ohio; however, the voice they hear is different because their software understands different audio based languages.

Matter of fact, the symbology is rooted at such deep levels that no matter your native tongue, these methods will affect your life. There are also several ideas that you must be aware to fully use any of these techniques. I will sum them up here.

Mirrors a

Tangent of Zero

In attempting to find a position to begin explanations of the first symbol, I have come to the circular description issue, where it is difficult to explain anything because it all is done with process throughout the process of a single task. I suppose this text will morph more into the idea of explaining Sigils and not just Numbers, because the reasons which I aim to describe the meanings are more inline with the use of these tools and that I may as well explain that along the same path. So with this, I will explain the process of finding the descriptions of the individual symbols. It becomes an arduous task in the beginning, because it stirs emotions that were not imagined to stir. The initial intention of this text was to purely describe the numbers and letters, and even to compare with runic knowledge that I am somewhat familiar with. But instead, the text has quickly shown the intermingling of concepts and I may as well run with it!

I will go ahead and show the basic setup of my sigils. The framework that holds a place in time and allows the conceptual visualization of the idea that you would like to push into the mind of your target. The frame is designed with concepts of the four elements. I have based it upon American Indian Shamanic theory. I like the concept and it has seemed to work well for my usage.


The axis can be called the cross. You can easily see the significance of the cross from Christianity. The arrow of time, in the direction of time represented as the flow of seasons, starting at the spring. Ending at the beginning for the cycle of life. I have grown fond of the idea of this arrow turning into a G. I feel significance in this to be resemblance of the force of God (or Geometry for the Freemasons). I look at this as the spine of man. The forward direction shows the Aires, the air, and also relates as the time in future. I will go more into detail before long, but as of now, it is explainable-enough, as-is.






















(REF 1):

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