Add this to the Obsession text.

**This is 740 words that I plan to work into the Obsession chapter for the book. I wrote this around a month ago. Today is 6.4.2018.**

As example of obsession that I have just delved into is the idea of writing these books. I am obsessed with the thought of bringing my dreams to reality and with that I must detail all my thoughts with words. I have to allow my thoughts to be released and then to sort them into expressions. I don’t necessarily write to sell these texts and purely gain financial rewards. I do know for certain that this writing allows me to sort my ideas and to grow further in development because I actually reread all of this stuff. I will have re-read this entire text at least ten times before I finally execute the release. Therefore, I will learn some grammar while missing much due to the ignorance towards that subject. I still do not understand whether or not to place a period before or after “quotes”. Both ways looks “correct.” While both ways looks improper. And while I don’t care enough about that aspect, I will be investigating wording throughout as I see a fitting example. While oftentimes not looking for a better wording, because the simple is effective. I am not in interest to find the long words unless they come my way. All this is in effect the expression that “you get what you get” and in hopes that what is stated will assist you in your goals — as I have already gained what I needed.

I needed to sort my thoughts and aim to enlighten others with insight to their surroundings. To the inner workings of language and the power that resides within. As stated above, I mainly need to write and then read. I wanted to put this in text so that I would have all my current thoughts in place and be able to show others what I meant by having a reference text to point to. There is no need to continue to repeat trivial ideas when you can read, first. Or to read, later, what I can leave-out as elementary proposals. But instead, you may see this before you speak with me and with that, I aim to express what is meant. I am plenty selfish enough to say that I am doing this for myself — to bring relief to my wandering thoughts and to bring rest by expressing those ideas on paper.

In fact, I have begun writing into three different aspects of theory. The book that I have yet to name, was began with a vulgar name and as much as I would love to call it that, I imagine that it will morph into something different as the book that it began has been split into two and then it still misses a more personal aspect. But then I really should go ahead and detail all my thoughts on Sigils, Numerology, and the connections that remain between and beyond to other examples of theory regarding our Earth, cosmos, spiritualism, and religion. So in that, there are many books that could be subdivided and I have split into perhaps four or five divisions of thought and will likely have several separated books to release in some order. And that goes with saying that even if no one actually reads these things, I will garnished my own library of completed thoughts and have that as a personal record, moving forward to reflect on, edit and morph into my future perspective as I am rather certain it will continue to transition into. I do not feel whole as of yet, but I feel much more wholesome or holy than ever before. There is much to write about as there are far too many ideas to even fully connect to. There have been several introductions interspersed throughout and I will have to watchout for these ramblings, and hope that they don’t overwhelm the overarching principles, but it always seems appropriate to remind people that they should investigate individual ideas as intrigue sets in. This is the way in which I work, and it is very difficult to relate all sources of information that have guided the idea that is spoken about. Much less to examine each article for its uncertain roots. The web of information is built of “facts” that have each been built on those roots. The roots is what I aim to seek out, but while the goal is in the viewport, there is much in the way to disguise the actual truth.














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