A Sample of Writings

There, I finally posted my unpublished writings. Around a month ago, I began to funnel the information into book format. I did this during a week when I was plenty busy with several other projects in play, including Buzz Yard Services and the project with ATDC.

I was busier than Hell during that week or two. I began to obsess over getting the thoughts off of my shoulders and it turned-out to be successful in allowing me to unburden my short-term memory.

I hope that you will garnish some insight from this information. I know that I cannot even imagine trying to relocate the sources of any of this information, however, everything that I have learned has not been through research alone. Much of my insight was derived over the many years and then through trial and error and using my own body as a laboratory to perform experiments.

I aim to step back into the roll of writer whenever that obsession gains foothold. Yet for now, and as always as I have allowed myself to enjoy, I will follow my gut and talk to every single person that I come across and spread my simple messages. I aim to sell the idea with my whole being and it has become easier to do this with each passing week.

I will return soon with publications to post and flyers to promote. And then I hope to see you soon.


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