My Hermitage

An estate is prefered, but to start humble would be great. The place is not just to live, but to provide a location to experiment widely within my body and nature. An underground shelter as small as 10x10x10 would be appropriate; enough room for training and guarded from sound, though an above-ground shelter with dirt pushed to the walls would suffice. With either version, a thick layer of insulation for the roof above. Perhaps baffles in the walls for more sound protection.

As planned: a small shelter with capability to extinguish most outside noise. Then to begin my permaculture studies and experiments. Hopefully, just above the abode. Within the shelter, I propose to use as a training area for the yoga, meditation, and various healing modalities. I use many therapies and would love to setup solutions for hydrotherapy and other modes. I want to mix the various modalities as options to help others heal. Along with the use of magic and sigils and to teach about these things. This place would serve as a physical temple to apply my methods. I look forward to such a place of my own.

1:36 pm @ 12.11.2018

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