Opportunities Expected

Thirteen months ago, a path was set in motion. In pleading anger, I called upon the force of God and asked to be led to answers. Within months of struggle and search for information, I discovered the answer that I had been searching. Plenty of an answer to suffice, though I know there is much more that could be added as my path grows longer. The truth has become clear enough that I am now able to know the how’s and why’s of the situation that I have found myself within. The mystery exists as to what needs to be done to unravel the entire solution. There are many solutions to be found, but only a few that seem reasonable to solving the universal troubles that concern us all.

Topic of Opportunities Expected associates to that time of search. During that time of search, I found many models to guide myself by and have desired or expected to meet many of them over time. I would love to meet several whom I found much inspiration. Oddly enough, I have met two of the men whom I had enjoyed and learned to push past inhibitions or provided information to gain my own wisdom through trial and error.

One of these guys, I found that he was speaking in FL, so I ventured down. Listened to his talk and got a picture taken with him. It was pretty great.

However, the other guy was much less well known. His YouTube following is minuscule in comparison. Somehow, I imagined that this fellow lived in a rural neighborhood of my hometown. I ended up meeting him without realizing whom he was. I ended up looking like a total jackass the first meeting–I was in a state of high (not give a fuck) vibration and had absolutely no clue who he was–until a couple months later. After I found out, I had been actually placed myself in an awkward, intimate position with him, that very well should have created anger towards me. Though, as his personality seems to be; perhaps he has let the situation slide away. I would love to actually meet him again–but I was a total ass on the first occasion.

Morals are found everyday that you want to find one. I learned, eventually that I had met a guy that I was very fond of and whom I learned a ton from. Yet upon meeting him, I didn’t even give him a chance; I barely even gave him a moment’s notice. The moment was not given awareness to my new acquaintance because I was focused entirely on another.

From that, I learned that opportunities are there. They will occur. Trust your gut; I likely will meet the others that I planned. It is just a matter of time and looking for appropriate windows that seem to open.

On this day of the 11 of December. This day is an opening. A day to dream of possibilities. A day to open yourself up to the future that you want to happen. The future that you will to happen. As I sat down to write, the clock showed 11:47. I see these all day long, I must stop and imagine of the hermitage that I wish to begin. 11:11 is the math of 11:47, as I tend to see 11:56 soon after. The idea of manifestation may seem far fetched, but the concept will be described in detail by an essay of sigils. Manifestation is oddly real. Magic is oddly real. The networks need description, but it all is real. Today is a day to dream.

Today is a day that I can clearly be thankful that I have no work to be done. Though, I can toil as I like and continue on my own ambitions. I have already organized the barn to allow a place to store my tools. I can dream on more order to complete. My van is back into a mobile house–as soon as I reload my blankets. Tonight, there is a “share session” for Access Consciousness, so that will be another place to offer a window for opportunity. I am pleased that this aligns to the gateway of the 11th.

Now, as we set our goals and ambitions and focus the intentions into the ether and allow the mind’s eye to formulate connections, we must be in search of the person whom has the connection. We must start all the proper conversations and say the proper things at the proper times and allow the coincidences to continue to flow. A matter of all motion is the allowance that needs to be given. Once the allowance is given and the flow begins, the doors open and your words become alive in your target’s imagination. Your words may turn into action of not just your own, but of your target.

Be mindful of your words, so that they do not impress the wrong ideas. So that the goals that are set are the ones that will formulate as the words slowly solidify into matter. Allow that solidification to occur in the world around and not within the body, where it grows as disease and longing for the change that you have not created.

12:31 pm @ 12.11.2018


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