Light Output Quantified

A few days back, I breached a topic that continues to call for acknowledgment. How many lives have I touched in the last 2 years?

I almost feel conceited by thinking like this. Or that I’m counting Karma points that I can cash in, as if there is a price value attached. However, much value that was gained has been recieved in the same fashion as the countless hours of podcasts, YouTube videos, and Google, searching for knowledge and wisdom. All of which began in my aerospace days.

Seven years, give or take, I have been searching for answers by listening to people for personal information, for tiny tid-bits of information. Their insights have been the cornerstone of my research. Their unique conversations and monologues have brought amazing amounts of wisdom while I ponder and absorb the pieces that fit.

I believe that while listening to the actual/literal thousands of conversations through podcast and video, I eventually learned to harness ability to converse with any person. Putting a number to this “thousands”, alone, is difficult. I’d say, because this was all day at work, most times while not at work, for 4 years, average of 8 hours (easily) per day…

11,680 is that number.

It honestly looks reasonable.

But on to the topic. From my time of outreach over two years, I have spoken to a great number of people.

Each time with intention to spread awareness or offer a healing session. Each and every single interaction has that detail, except to close family & friends (because these aren’t as accepting of my gifts, unfortunately).

At this time, around 400 healing sessions have been given. 170+ are documented on Facebook. That number itself is beginning to look significant. However, that is only the high-value number, where I managed significant impact. Other values are impossible to measure.

Stemming directly from there is the effect that takes place when they go home. Initially more relaxed and light, and after that wears thin, the new perception has still been changed. They still know that options are available to find peace again. They take that awareness forward and tend to spread it around.

Many won’t spread their stories, but some enlighten others by telling how their pains have vanished. Offering new advice and sharing the ideas of new possibilities that are surfacing.

But then, just to achieve 400 individual healing sessions, it took a large number of rejections. *I will say that there were several weeks this year, when I was on a streak, where perhaps 60% of people that I interacted with accepted healing sessions.* Otherwise, It was more like 10%, likely.

I spoke to more random people then I could have ever imagined. Especially at times of living in the van and around the park.

I’m about to hastily wrap this up. Enough for now. Just the pure number of people I have had conversations with . . . 3,500 perhaps?

I Dunno. I was always an introvert. It’s so weird to me still.


10:30am, Dec. 9, 2019



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