Shamanic Healing Description

For many reasons, I need to begin to describe my process.

  • Flyers for advertising
  • Bio for a magazine article
  • Description for Facebook of the like
  • Texts to explain to other healers or new customers

It’s all virtually one and the same. I’d also like to prepare some drawings to go with this. Arrange some photos & stories from Facebook to show results. And if at all possible, gain a couple written testimonials from any of these people.

NLP, Neuro Linguistics Programming

NLP is a guided experience. The focus of the experience may be an old injury that has lingering soreness, stiffness, or pain. Or an achy joint, movement loss, and recurring migraines. And often, the focus is towards an emotional aspect; a topic that isn’t easy to talk about. These issues are treated effectively with NLP.

The process begins with a quick explanation of the process. In this introduction, you begin to learn a new aspect of how memories are stored, physically.

There is a holographic system that surrounds your body that you can access once you realize how. The hologram holds memories and stories. These are kept in different locations around your body.

You can close your eyes and see an image. Then, you can point at it (within the huge bubble around you). Then, you can take both hands and grab the image and pull it in front of you, comfortably, like looking at an iPad.

After all, much of this image functions exactly like this. You can zoom in & out, move the photo to look behind you, zoom to specific objects. Also, objects can be removed or added at whim. The image works like the best photoshop program possible.

Next, take your fingers and trace the outline of image. It may be rectangle, circular, oblong, wavy, etc. Trace it and hold it by the sides as if holding an iPad or a picture frame.

“What do you see & how do you feel?”

Many iterations of movement and those questions.

…..this turned into a how to….

I need a description!!!

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