Mmorpg vs. My view on physical training

I fell deep into the immersive, multiplayer game, World of Warcraft. In the early days, when level 60 was the highest level, the game was setup where skill level was zero for all abilities. You had to train each one independently.

This was occasionally problematic during the progressive team struggle in the late stages of the game. An overlooked aspect for one player would become a crisis amongst 25 players in a group.

Once, after a challenging battle against an enemy had ended. The reward for victory was a sword. Ten people wanted the sword, but it was best for one guy. So, that guy got the sword. (If turned around and used immediately & properly, then the next phases would be a good deal easier).

It was a really rare sword. Only a couple people in a thousand that defeat that enemy have recieved that reward.

However, that guy had only ever used axes or maces. Never Swords. His skill level was zero. If he continued to use that day, he may reach 50 of 300. That is a less than 17% chance to hit, which is less than with the previous weapon.

Whereas, the other player could have used it then & really changed the motion for the rest of the continued struggle forward through the dungeon.

Then there’s aspect of training other skills, professions, etc.

Skyrim, or Elder Scrolls had a similar structure that I relate with.

I often look at all the training I do like that. Each headstand, compiled over time. Often, I have done 5 minutes at a time or 15. Many times for three minutes or so. As that frequency and duration adds up, new levels open up.

The breathe training is the kicker that first revealed energy to me. There was much training, then one random day, I could feel energy between my hands.

Each time I get in that state of mind through breathing and focusing on moving that energy, I find more ease. It hasn’t always been easy to reign that energy and hold it within. At one point, just like the basic breathe training, this will turn into another step. It’s difficult to imagine what that may be. Same as the breathe work in my beginning which opened my worldview in astounding ways.

Gonna take a break off this subject.


Dec. 10, 2019

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