Magic and the Knowledge that will free your Mind

The title may be a bit too expansive for a mere introduction of ideas, yet the point is to acknowledge the many ideas that I need to discuss. I have discovered a great deal of knowledge that has changed my outlook on life. The outlook has changed in such a dramatic way that I can no longer hide my views and feel that the ideas must be shared in the most generous way possible. The exact methods of sharing have not been identified beyond these writings and for my own discussions with people that I meet. There needs to be more push with my efforts, due to my belief that the knowledge NEEDS to be well known in order that this knowledge may begin to stop being used against you. 

The fact that you are fully unaware of a subject, such as magic, beyond pure fairy tales, is not surprising in the least bit. But if you are aware of the realities of magic, you likely are doomed to the fate of believing that it is sinful and will destroy your soul. Yet you love the fact that Jesus could perform miracles and feats that are considered definite feats of magic. Jesus was the greatest magician, yet Christianity conforms its participants into blind fools. The belief of Jesus as an actual human being is justifiable, however is very unlikely to be the case of reality and does not really matter for the point of discussion. As one can easily discover that the Bible proves itself as not-fact.

The funny thing about the bible, I honestly don’t even want to capitalize it due to the disturbing essence that it holds. The bible is the book that is the greatest spellbook to ever face this planet. Or at least to our current knowledge. The idea of this is certainly heretical, but then again I am anti-religion at this point and follow wholly in the teachings or ways of Jesus. Funny thing is that I don’t believe Jesus was a living person. He is a metaphor of great caliber. The spellbook known as The Holy Bible is the playbook of the ages and describes the intent that creates the world that envelopes you. The book is a methodically laid-out epic story that has such mathematical genius hidden within the pages, that you will never discover the entire limits to the novel. The book is a well thought out description of the human brain and describes intimately the details to unveil the truths that I desire to speak of, yet with perfect ability aims to destroy any effort of believing these truths by hiding the information in delicate ways.

Overall, the bible is the tool of the keeper. The keeper who aims to keep you as a slave for the entirety of your life(s). The enslaver wrote the book in effort to plan out your destruction, but in such a way as to use every possible ability within magic to keep the spell in perfect union. This proposition is fully my own, as I have not heard anyone actually voice it. I postulate the truths that have been suggested to myself and have not been unconfirmed by strict adherence to my values and seem to be confirmed by my inner voice.

In magic, there are laws. Laws are there to govern action within magic. They are not to be broken, as a law cannot be broken. One of these laws is to the extent that all things involved with the spell must be given or given a clue to. As in, you must know the details of the dirty trick that is being done to you… even if you aren’t aware of the details. Nothing was hidden, it just wasn’t shown. This dirty trick is used to brainwash you into believing the lies about their plans. The plans are not to send you to heaven. Heaven does not exist as a location, nor does Hell.

Best of luck reaching heaven using the hidden guides of the biblical paradox!

9:17pm 11.28.2018

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