The Messiah

The Messiah that you either await or believe has come is neither of the two. The Messiah that you await is within your being. Within your temple is where he resides, and that temple is a physical location within your body.

The explanation of this is difficult for any newcomer and becomes a burden to explain. It is not just as easy as pointing a finger at the location of the *pineal gland and then to the bible. There is much description and reference to be made from other texts within and outside of the bible, and then through medical literature. Then there is metaphor, comparisons to other religions of current and ancient structure, and many other references from broad sources. Then you would need to discover the history of gathering of ancient texts which were canonized to become the biblical texts. Some of which has been discarded or morphed along the way.

The Messiah as you should come to learn is that of physical interaction within your body. The Holy Temple is your skull. Heaven is reached as a state of mind through practices that enliven the body, mind, and spirit. The practices are described through varying texts and are pointed at from within the Bible itself. Much is described here that alludes to the information and represents it in a different form, in a secretive manner. Jesus, as the messiah, is the metaphor that describes the process of baptism within the physical structure of the body. This story has been repeated in different forms and can be seen by studying previous religious texts.

The saints that you hear about that have been known to be alive have practiced hardcore practices to become who they were. They developed their sainthood through inaction and action of different sorts. They reached heaven, but decided to stay and assist others around them. These people achieve abilities that defy human logic. These are the expectations to have once you gain acceptance of the true power of this proposition. However, to follow the life of Jesus, would be to follow in the ways that creates the person who has those values. The values that are discovered through dedication, through living properly. By listening to your inner voice and by learning to hear that ever so gentle voice.

11:47am . . . 11.29.2018





*There are many sources and videos to describe this. I have been thinking to describe these things in my own ways, but there are wonderful videos of this already — all across YouTube. There is much information found in Google. There is no need to explain, once again, the process of kundalini/pineal gland and the comparison to human anatomy. Please investigate!!!

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