Four is a Door

Wanting to title or begin with the proper setting, but one does not sound correct as beginning. The idea is not easy to establish without other ideas to correspond to. As it is with any topic. To explain one topic, I must relate to others that you are of knowledge to, yet the basic knowledge that you have accustomed yourself may well not be near the spectrum of the currently discussed belief and then you must work around the mountain-path of truth, slowly until the topics have all been explained and thus can finally relate your point. However, oftentimes the time that it takes to reach the appropriate destination is not the time that the listener wants to sit through — even those whom seem to have all day at their leisure, have not the time to sit through this explanation. It is a feat to discuss the amounts of topics that have taken months of study to unravel.

At the moment, the cellphone sits at my side, buzzing intermittently as a ‘door’ slowly opens. The door was opened as I embraced an opportunity. The opportunity to query each and every contact with a probing request to provide services of lawn care. The door has been opened and with ease and now the minimal amount of work that I wanted to rise is surely coming to appease my wants and desire. I have amassed a paycheck to exceed $200 for tomorrow and this income will be obtained within 4 hours of time. Not to brag, but that is nothing to scoff over. This wage is much better than the pathetic wages that I see announced each and every day and is double that of my latest position of Aerospace Engineering. This small sum will be enough to last until I begin to run out again and then I expect another sum of cash to take form in the same or other fashion to prolong my experience as I am living currently.

The door was opened deftly as I began my morning. Upon rising and coming to the conclusion that “this day will be well” or of that scripted nature, my path led me to the bathroom where I voided myself and then took a hot & cold shower to prepare my day. The shower itself was invigorating beyond what normally is described by shower in that I prepared my essence of being to be casual instead of wound-up with stress. Afterwards, a test of sorts occurred — with accusations and queries from my father about employment and lack of work or the desire of work and to the effect that I seem homeless and should worry over being arrested for sleeping in a van. Only to gain the retort with the likeness of a dissertation of “how and why you should assist to help others (like myself, but not myself) whom are having extremely great difficulty in finding work in the structure which you and your peers had setup, or rather had allowed to setup within the world around us”. He gave the salutation of assistance lacking due to lack of awareness of the details of the life around us… saying that if he hears anything, he’ll let me know. Yet, I am not really the one who needs help in this current time. I only need customers for the works that I am prepared to assist.

Instantaneous results will occur once you have cleared your mind a great deal. By mind, I do mean the body as well. There are three aspects of cleanliness or clearing that I refer to with this and each have physical locations. The mind is of stomach, heart, and brain.

Today, I cleared my mind by using methods of breathe in conjunction with hydrotherapy. I also used the Reiki treatments (after gaining Reiki II attunement last night!!!). Then along with these techniques, I also made affirmations to begin my day and to continue on with this crazy path that I’ve found myself upon.

When the mind clears, the door will open. It is your duty to request your wants in that moment & to specify the details of your needs. Without your specifications, the descriptions from your past will determine the qualities of your needs and you will in return not gain what you “think you want”. It is with this passive clarity that has deemed your futures to not become what you anticipate. Your prior expectations and specifications will produce your results if you do not force new realities into this opened door — the cycle will repeat, guaranteed 100%.

Four is a Door.

A=1, B=2, C=3, D=4

Also, the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet is Delta.

Delta, as in of the Nile River, is the origin of mankind — the geographical birthplace.

Image result for d rune

Above, Dagaz, of Norse mythology is the symbol that corresponds to the 4th position of the collection of runes.

4 is the square of 2. The number is not perfect, it is the first number that needs to components to complete itself — 2 numbers of sameness that allow mirroring. Looking at the Dagaz, you can see this mirroring. It is also, the symbol of As Above, So Below, excepting the horizontal direction which can be seen as a transfer of location on the same plane and not to change planes in vertical manner. You can see how the 4 can be taken from this image, there is only missing a single line (4 lines to create the Dagaz, 3 to create the 4). As I will have to talk more about in future, the Dagaz is very similar to the Mannaz:


Image result for m rune

Which is similar (vaguely) again to the rune for V, which I cannot seem to gain a picture for at the moment. Where D,M,V are all letters of doors. You’ve seen that acronym before!–and have found it to be HELL!!!

This in turn, does actually correspond to 4 being the Door of Death!

I will relate much more along with this topic soon enough. I really must be heading out for now. I wanted to show an introduction of the aspects of gematria that are not necessarily known to overlap in such outer-expanding directions!

Timestamp @ 12:43pm on 12.4.2018

Today is the sixth of December and I have kept thinking on this subject on occasion and wanting to add to this list.

Looking at the Dagaz, there is connection to the cross. The X in the middle is the point of intersection or the point between the Above and the Below. The point of flux that lies between thought and action. The spawning point of life.

Gematria of four:


*This needs to be investigated for much more information. Please checkout Gematria Effects on YouTube by Zachary K. Hubbard. He is very informative and dedicated to exposing gematria which is used to control media headlines and consciousness for our society through propaganda, brainwashing, and real magic.

From quick viewing, each of these numbers are significant to freemasonry. It would take far too much to attempt explaining any of these, however quick observation shows: 60 is significant to time (min/hour) & 24 to time (hours per day). 48 & 21 need too much explanation for this moment.

There is much more to this type of understanding of a single letter, number, rune. Each of these also correspond to a color & musical note. On the tip of my tongue, there seems to be more, but I cannot think of it now. I will need to get into more of a meditative mode and add to the list. You can always go into this type of thought process and create connections that seem unrelated, yet as the relations pile upon each other and you see connections throughout all of life, you begin to realize that the connections are not coincidences, but are just examples of the same thing and phrased or versed in other perceptible processes.


[Also to add a bit of story about the search for work which incited this writing.]

By crafting the elegant request for work, I wound up gaining four credible jobs and one that I likely will not worry over. The one I may skip is to rake someone’s yard . . . (I really don’t feel necessary to use hand tools when I base my pay on the use of commercial, powerful tools of destruction. The tools save labor time and in return place cash directly into my pocket, whereas the rake will not produce as great of returns through time. I will pass on that nonsense!) Two jobs were completed on yesterday — boosting my wallet by $245 in less than 5 hours — I’ll take $49/hour any day at this point!

I could not finish the other two jobs due to a flat tire.

I had to say a prayer over that flat tire, later on. It was great to have for the small cost of seventy five dollars. The way that my day had gone yesterday had met all my expectations and continued to allow meaningful experiences. The story as follows:

I left the customer’s house with my mower in her yard. I needed to refuel and my reserves were empty, so I headed to the gas station. Then, within a quarter mile, I noticed a noise and stopped to see the flat. I maneuvered to the grass and phoned a friend. Within ten minutes he arrived, amazingly close to my destination and with free time.

Unfortunately, my vehicle is not setup for emergencies. There is no jack, no tool for access to spare tire, and the spare tire is flat! Luckily, his tools fit my van’s needs, but we needed to replace the tire on the rim. He drove us to three locations in order to find a tire & he used his credit card to pay for the tire (I was short by several dollars) & he managed to get an associate *Walmart* to perform the swap of rubber on the rim for a cash tip and beating the entire line of waiting customers (3 hour wait)–I was amazed at him for this, honestly.

 We returned to the vehicle with the tire, jacking the vehicle up and almost had the tire ready to remove from the vehicle and he asks, “Where’s the Lug Wrench?”. Well, we had used the wrench once already to loosen the nuts, but that was before we left to buy the tire. We looked for about eight minutes for that damned wrench and it is to be found NoWhere. I gave up and walked to the house beside, as he was telephoning a friend. The house number just had to be number 111 — for Pete’s sake, I laughed to myself for an hour. The homeowner had a fitting wrench and we finished the job. 

My friend says, “that’s what he does”. What? “Loses stuff”. We both blame him for losing the wrench and that is fine, it all is fine, regardless. We ended up talking during the entanglement of looking for the wrench in all the various places of vehicles, ground, undercarriage, and trunks. We talked about our short friendship and how we lost each other’s view and lost connection, briefly. The words that we exchanged were much needed for me and I am very glad that we were able to talk about the topics. I told him the story of why/how my friendship with our mutual friend had ended and why I was cut-off from him. Not to explain the entire story now, but in regards to belts, feminism, and truth and miscommunication with him thinking that I am joking whilst I am dead-serious. We talked about how I drastically changed when I morphed from healer mode to Buzz Yard Services mode and now once again, am returning to that healer mode. He made note of many of the changes and I attempted explanation as I see it, and we also talked of him.

There had been an elephant in the room during each time that we spoke in the last several occasions in the last two months. We’ve only known each other since March, but we became quick, close friends who have discussed with deep emotional topics and have bonded more than practically any other man in my life. Especially considering the speed at which this all occurred. It is great to have spoken about these things and aired out our perspectives, these things always affect relationships in dire ways until the views are released or the relationship ends, but then if it ends there is a repetition in your life and you’ll just have to do it properly on that time.

It is best to knock it out now — Let that elephant go free, releasing him from the rope that binds him to the stake.

8:36am on 12.6.2018










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