As Within, So Without

As Within, So Without is used in comparison to As Above, So Below. In likeness, the universe around you may be viewed as the cosmic expression contained within the body. This message was heard on a talk by Sevan Bomar that I listened on the return trip from running errands. These messages can only go so far for a typical acquaintance, but to those who run into my path and are aware of the spiritual connections that we tend to coincidentally experience, the significance could be great. I am always curious to see the reactions of those who needed to hear the information that is interesting to share. The truths of the possible and of the experiments as I have witnessed or heard about through the thousands of podcasts, conversations, and endless topics of variety. All of which have begun to seamlessly braid themselves into a single, all encompassing topic. Somehow, this topic has wound up bringing me into a connection with a higher power of which that I cannot understand nor begin to continue to run from. I have submitted myself to its mercy and power and am just beginning to begin my testimony in those regards. I fear for misrepresentation and the punishments that could arise from my writings and the words that I utter in presentation of these ideas. However, I know that ideas must be pushed forward and taught so that awareness can be shone upon the darkness that pervades our culture and government throughout the entire world. Looking at the inner workings of the body, you can see functions represented throughout the world and begin to understand how the representation is meant to be perceived as true, but instead is a reflection of truth. The phrase speaks of the mirror of life.

Waking life will present itself in a mirrored form of your emotional psyche. This is a dreadful association. This wisdom assists with reasoning of the “fear of God” that needs to be addressed and recognized for the path of realization. This acknowledgement will help to provide reasoning for the problems that you face, however the heart-breaking fact that you are consistently punishing yourself for problems that are consistently presented for you to solve is an extremely difficult pill to swallow. The common resistant exclamation would be that, “I would not intentionally punish myself!!!”.

The disturbance in your mind will not change any of the realities that have been presented. We are punishing ourselves in order to wake ourselves up; the greatest personal morals arise from the most difficult situations. Unfortunate as this seems to be, the affirmation of this law will provide oneself the ability to allow grace to fall over their presence. Knowing that the problems which come up in your life are there to help you to grow — not to knock you back — will assist you to look inwards for a solution.

Looking inwards

December 10, 2018


















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