Marvelous abilities lie within the boundaries of this magical body. Encasing the mysterious element is a mere shell of porous material. Inside, the body appears still and lifeless. The body will continue to remain perpetually inanimate until its surroundings are perfect. Only then, will it begin to take action.

The stage of life that this plant finds itself stuck within is highly peculiar. Without the exact requirements to begin its journey of life, it will never begin to develop. The water is required, but also the material that holds it firm in-place must be of caliber to support itself. There has to be (fairly) perfect settings applied to create the structure that will support the development of the seed’s life. All this is understood, but without looking at the implications, life is not fully understood.

Preparation is the only requirement to mature, but exact preparation is required.

Recipes are called forth to create meals in the way that designs for houses are prepared. Exact preparation is required to build these items to utilize their specific uses. The seed has requirements that pertain to all plants, and also those specific to its type, and further towards its function of mating. All these instructions are seemingly placed in a mechanical structure that will spring into life once the ingredients amass around and then seep through the porous shell.

Depending on the seed, the amount of water that must flow through its porous walls varies in the same fashion that the sunlight must shine through the depths of soil or content of nitrogen versus phosphorus and potassium. The domesticated plants that are harvested in modern times have been studied enough to have understood the differences and have in turn created structures around which to grow each species. The farmer does not need to worry over the germination if he follows each procedure.

Once the farmer decides to grow a crop that he has never known the procedure for, he soon discovers that it will take experimentation to find the proper settings to create growth. Further examination and experimentation will need to occur in order to achieve greater results. As he realizes that certain procedures must be followed, he begins to bring more bounty with each improvement of process. While the improvement process is a thrilling and rewarding experience that fulfill many adventurous minds, it is extremely helpful to have an instruction manual for times of hunger.

However, without that adventurous farmer that decided to grow the first plants, there would not be crops. Beyond that, the variety that aids to support our wellbeing had these manuals created through the adventurous discovery of that mindset.

This reasoning is that of which brings me to desire to write about my happenings. To detail the daily conditioning that I place upon my body with attempts to unlock potential life that currently remains in the state of that seed. However, there is much hesitation with the topics that I wish to discuss, and I am beginning to drop the boundaries regarding these.

During last night’s gathering of old and new friends that I have met just over the last few months, I was given a viewing of open honesty that I have yet to be able to accomplish. The behaviors presented were of sexual nature and at each moment, I wanted to add my own views. Yet with hesitance due to opinion of others or even to not wanting to morph the mood of the moment, I declined to express my knowledge.

To these events, my mind continues to ponder. The activities that continue to elate and broaden my experience are of dark nature, sexual in essence. From this behaviour, I have achieved erotic persona and have *impressed those desires upon others. Yet it is from secret that I have worked and with secrets that I have produced the results within myself. The techniques that I have been using come from various sources that cannot fully be identified because I take reasoning from any and all sources of knowledge.

Then from self-experimentation, I had discovered the first gift of God — I could feel the energy surrounding my body. From that moment, I have committed my life to the path and now find myself struggling to release the truths that I have learned because they may open me to rejection of my peers.

Bittersweet surrender.

Tears burst from my eyes as I wrote those words and I bent to continue to cry, but then only I could laugh in delirious juxtaposition. The words feel great to see, as the fear begins to seep away. The writings that I wish to express may deem me as sexually improper and that has been my fear; however, my wish to depress my own desires has likely drowned my ability to gain the objects of my own desire. With certainty, this will unlock the ability to become more open, yet I still wonder the reactions that will come my way after I release the energies bound within. Each day I ponder on this writing, but then I don’t describe the procedures and forever the cycle will continue until the secrets are obvious and not hidden. Not those about my own, but those that are used widely. Those widely used, but not talked in social. These truths need to be freed and with my own experiment, I have concurred the reasonings for their use. 

In this, I say, that I will open and explain. These times are changing and at times I feel that somehow I am causing most of the change. It is with this understanding that I must morph the world’s views and help my peers understand the reality in which they stand. With this bitter truth, I continue to attempt to find the sweetness in the life which surrounds.

12:30pm @ 12.10.2018







*by means of psychic force.

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